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We invite you to download reviews of our books.

Review of Jody's Michigan Adventures

Reviews by:

   Susan Stark"Children's Books Put Spotlight on Great Places in Michigan," The Detroit NewsSummer 1999
   Sarah Rigg, Staff Writer"Michigan Author Writes Travel Books for Young Tourists," The View, Vol. 17, No. 27 July 8, 1999
    Ginny Stolicker"Travel Books not Just for Kids," The Oakland Press 1999
    Frank Provenzano, Staff Writer "History with a Twist of Disney and Dash of Lewis Carroll, Hometown Communications 1999
    "Books Give Kids a Look at Great Places," Troy-Somerset Gazette July 26, 1999
 Renay Scott The Michigan Historical Review May 2002

Review of The Journals of Kevin Murphy, l: Summer of the Bear

Review by:


Charmian Stewart,

Oslo, Norway, author of Highland Enchantment


Review of The Journals of Kevin Murphy, lI: Eagle from the Dawn

Review by:


Dr. James A. McConnell, Editor

"Ends & Beginnings," Michigan Council for History Education Newsletter, in National Council for History Education, Inc.: Ideas, Notes, and News about History Education, Vol. 19, No. 7

March 2007

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