Jody's Michigan Adventures

by Leigh Arrathoon

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History for Children, Ages Six to Ten
Makes History Come Alive

Jody's Michigan Adventures

Jody's Michigan Adventures captures all the joy of being a child. The little boy, Kevin Murphy, who writes the stories for practice, is as serious and well-informed as most ten-year-old boys are about their favorite pursuit. By contrast, Kevin's little sister, Katie, is full of mischief, imagination, and adventure. In the video below, the author reads the preface to all the books and one section of the Mackinac book so that you can get a feel for the way these books are designed to enchant children.

Notice that, even during the literary crisis of Katie being lost, the reader still learns that there are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island and that only the police can drive. They also learn about the legend of Arch Rock in this episode.

The books have been used in the Michigan public schools since 1999. A workbook, written by Lynda Stierle-Dunn, former Head of the Social Studies Department at Smith Middle School, is also available upon request.

Jody's Michigan Adventures, complete set of seven bright yellow soft-cover books in a handsome slipcase: $48.65.

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In the video, the author reads to us from the exciting first chapter of the book

How to Teach This Book to your Child

If you are wondering how to present this book to your child so that she learns the facts she needs to know, it may help you to put the following questions to the text.

  • Purposes of the Book: Every book is written for a reason, and, as obvious as that may seem, your child needs to learn to recognize the purpose for which the book was written. Only then can she understand how every detail of the story points toward the author's goals.
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  • Historical Questions you can ask your child about the text.
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  • And here are some terrific literary questions you can have your children put to the text.

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