Kevin Murphy's Son of Fireheart, ages 11-15.

by Leigh Arrathoon

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Historical Fiction for Ages Eleven to Fifteen
Makes History Come Alive

The Adventures of Kevin Murphy: Fireheart

The Adventures of Kevin Murphy: Fireheart for ages 11-15. targets put description of book here.Buy Now

In the video, the author reads to us from the exciting first chapter of the book

How to Teach This Book to your Child

If you are wondering how to present this book to your child so that she learns the facts she needs to know, it may help you to put the following questions to the text. All of the historical facts are indexed in the back of the book.

  • Purposes of the Book: Every book is written for a reason, and, as obvious as that may seem, your child needs to learn to recognize the purpose for which the book was written. Only then can she understand how every detail of the story points toward the author's goals.
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  • The Issues Raised in the Book, which You Can Discuss with Your Child.
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  • And here are some terrific literary questions you can have your children put to the text.

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