Writing Language Arts Contest

for Ages 8-15

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Our Books Make History Come Alive

Have your child write a short historical fiction, like the stories in Jody's Michigan Adventures, about a trip he or she has taken with the family. If our editors choose it, we'll publish the story and your child's picture for everyone to see.

Stories should not exceed 480 words. Photographs must be in color, 1199 pixels on the longest side. Both the story and the picture should be submitted electronically to leigharrathoon@gmail.com.

Hint: Stories must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. All good stories revolve about a central problem. Three attempts should be made to solve the problem, each attempt failing miserably, until the crisis, when the solution appears. The very last part of the story ties together all the loose ends.

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Writing Language Arts Contest (for ages 8-15)